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Foshan ChengTong machinery co., LTD is located in guangzhou, foshan nanhai city intersection meditation - step beyond the salt, the geographical position is superior. East from guangzhou about eight kilometers, west from foshan zen city about 4 kilometers, close to guangzhou western, guangfo, wide open, Buddha three high-speed, foshan a ring, in the highway, highway, rail transportation network center.
Foshan ChengTong machinery co., LTD. Of guangdong province for conveying equipment professional manufacturers, after years of exploration and struggle, has formed a certain scale conveying equipment, steel member production capacity. Over the years the company for pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, mining, ports, electric power, building materials, food, cement, fertilizer, sewage treatment, industrial salt, food, man-made board, transportation industry and electronic appliances and many other ?